How should I respond to my sister judging me for being a vegetarian?

January 24, 2014

Question by I ♥ dancing in the rain: How should I respond to my sister judging me for being a vegetarian?
I’m 13 years old and I’ve recently become a vegetarian. My older sister doesn’t really understand why I’m a vegetarian and her comments about it annoy me. She is constantly asking me “Are you on a diet?!” I respond saying “No. What’s so wrong with wanting to eat healthy?! I’ve explained I’m a vegetarian.” When she continues to say things, I just tell her to be quiet because it’s REALLY annoying. I even told her, “I don’t talk about the way you eat so don’t talk about what I eat!” And she just continues to say I’m weird and keeps questioning me. What she says gets to me because she just continues to say things. She focuses too much on what I do and refuses to believe I’m just a vegetarian because I care about animals. ._.
Okay, I prefer not to say things to her about her weight because she is self concious about it (even though she is thin) so I don’t want to be rude and make any weight comments.

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Answer by ez80227
maybe she is simply trying to look out for you, not really judging you.

all the veg*ns i personally i know are weaker and more prone to illness and injury. (not insulting, just my persoanl experience).

also, at 13 you’re not really qualified to make a life altering decision like this. this is why we don’t allow kids to go out and get tattoos, piercings, vote or join the military.

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