Is there any budget-wise, healthy, easy to cook food?

January 26, 2014

Question by ILoveView: Is there any budget-wise, healthy, easy to cook food?
Im 13. And my single mom is a busy woman. So I usually dont get fed properly. She usually cooks those fast foods like nuggets, fries, pasta which serve as my breakfast or dinner sometimes. Or we usually just order. I always eat the same food almost everyday and it makes me wanna puke. And im really tired of this. I think im becoming unhealthy now. 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME!

i felt the need to ask this question again. srry. tomorrow me and my mom are going grocery shopping and im making the list. so i need as many ideas as possible. I knw my mom should be doing this but i understand the situation so i think i should handle it and im rly mad at my mom at times how can she let me suffer. I think my conscience is my mom now.

Im gonna ask this until my daily limit. Cuz i pity myself now :((

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Answer by Jen
Aw, that sounds like a tough situation. You didn’t say if you or your mum can cook but if you can, then there’s loads you can do. The absolute best thing to do is to buy a really big, really cheap chicken, roast it and eat it on Sunday as a special treat, then for the rest of the week use it up in sandwiches, salads, curries and so on, just using the chicken as you would use it in any dish. Then you can use the chicken bones to make soup. I can eat for a whole week from just one chicken.
Mince is also really cheap, make spaghetti bolognaise with mince, garlic, an onion and a tin of chopped tomatoes, or chilli con carne with mince, a tin of tomatoes, garlic, an onion and a chilli pepper.
Get a load of eggs, potatoes and onions, boil the potatoes and fry them in a pan with the onions until they look brown and nice, then beat about three or four eggs and pour them over the potatoes and the onions and stick the whole thing under the grill (broiler if you’re american) to make a healthy spanish omlette.
It’s always cheaper to buy whole foods and cook them than to buy ready meals, chicken nuggets and so on. And it’s definitely cheaper than ordering food in! Do some research online for healthy, cheap recipes and learn to cook yourself, it’s the cheapest and healthiest way to be!
Have a look at this website to get some more ideas:

Good luck, hope this helps!

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