my 2 year old will not eat meat……?

January 23, 2014

Question by momof2grls: my 2 year old will not eat meat……?
Not a big deal with me,I know I can substitute other things.Any ideas on what to give?And how about shakes?I was thinking of giving her a shake in the morning since she seems to like the ones I make for myself.Any suggestions and is it ok for a 2 year old to have protein shake?Thanks.
I have brown rice protein powder and would add that in the shake only in the morning along with fruits and veggies.The rest of the day she already gets beans,tofu,certain veggies and fruits along with whole grain breads and pasta,yogurt,cheese,avocado,peanut butter and brown rice and high fiber cereals and steel oats.She does not like any nuts but pb so sometimes I grind them and add them to casserole like a squash dish or rice.

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Answer by Beckii Kitto
Its not good to give children protein shakes. My mum is a fitness maneger at this centre and im 14 and she wont allow me to have one cause im still too young.

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