My mom won’t let me be veg*n…?

January 26, 2014

Question by : My mom won’t let me be veg*n…?
Hi, I’ve been vegetarian for months now, and JUST NOW my mom’s starting to argue about it. She says I won’t be getting the nutrients I need. She’ll let me avoid pig and cow meat, but she’s saying chicken and fish meat isn’t “real” meat and it’s perfectly fine to eat it. She says lots of vegetarians eat fish (WRONG WRONG WRONG). And that I won’t grow correctly. -_-

So should I show here some vegan bodybuilder pictures? Any witty comebacks? I don’t need any explanations I can give her, I have a BOOK of those. (:

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two words: Marzia Prince

There’s much better pics of wot an amazing body she has but i dont wanna be too graphic.

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