Why don’t vegans drink milk?

January 19, 2014

Question by Efewfewfew: Why don’t vegans drink milk?
What is it about milk that vegans don’t like? It doesn’t harm the animal. There are a few kids at my school with vegan parents, and they don’t allow their kids to eat meat, eggs, drink milk etc. either. I’m not sure what is so healthy about that, all these kids in question are VERY small for their age, and skinny and weak, sick looking. One is 13 but he looks more like 10.
So i want to know firstly why vegans don’t drink milk, and secondly why they keep their kids from eating a BALANCED diet (not too much fatty stuff, and not only vegetables either). No B-S answers, thanks.

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Answer by Kailey
Vegans don’t eat animals or anything that comes from them. There are no exceptions.

They also want the children to be eating like them. They don’t want to make “special meals” for their children.

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