Why Is Being A Vegetarian Healthier?

January 20, 2014

Question by Nickname: Why Is Being A Vegetarian Healthier?
When I was 13 years old, I decided to become a vegetarian for “health reasons.” Being the idiot I was, during my “vegetarianism,” I did eat some fruit and vegetables, but I still ate some sweets, some white bread, a crapload of chips (I gorged myself on them) and loads of fatty cheese and fatty milk products. I don’t think I made the top ten list on the world’s greatest vegetarian list at all.

I ate some fish once in a while, because my parents thought I would look like Smeagal or Gollum or whatever that little creature’s name is in the Lord of The Rings series, because I actually scared them when I told them I wanted to be a vegetarian.

They thought I was trying to kill myself and I’m not kidding! I guess eating fish isn’t really vegetarian, yeah, I know. The truth was, I actually gained more weight faster during that time more than any other time in my life. I was a vegetarian for 7 years straight.

What woke me up to how fat I was was when an idiot boy in my college English class last semester whispered so loudly to the other students next to his desk, that he hissed, “Jenna’s a vegetarian?” Some idiot girl had to tell everyone that I was, since my idiot teacher made my classmates and I introduce ourselves to one another by telling each other was was so “interesting about us.”

Well, I quit being a vegetarian after that pretty quickly, ate right and exercised almost everyday. I lost two dress sizes. When I think about how vegetarian I used to be back in the day, I think I was a pretty bad one. I don’t think I made the top ten list on the world’s greatest vegetarians, at all. I would’ve made #1 on the world’s most unhealthiest vegetarians, for sure.

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Answer by Cliff
It’s not. Reducing the variety of natural foods being consumed is not healthier.

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